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CQU doctoral graduate Zhu Wanquan is honored with 2022 Acta Student Awards, as one of the only 14 winners across the world!

On September 26, 2023, the results of 2022 Acta Student Awards (Acta) were officially released ( Dr. Zhu Wanquan from College of Materials Science and Engineering, Chongqing University got this award as one of the 14 winners across the world.

"Acta Student Awards" is aimed at the leading student authors around the world who have published papers in 4 journals of Acta, including Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia, Acta Biomaterialia and Materialia. Established in 2005, it is held once a year. Except for being the authors of papers published in the above 4 journals, all candidates running for this award must be students when their papers are published. Since its establishment, 14 Chinese students have won this honor successively. The award ceremony will be held at the Annual Academic Conference of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) to be convened in Orlando, Florida, USA in March 2024. At present, Zhu Wanquan has received the invitation from Prof. Christopher A. Schuh, the chief editor of Christopher A. Schuh, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and will come to the ceremony and accept the award at the scheduled time.

Award Announcement

Zhu Wanquan won this award by his paper “Five-parameter grain boundary character distribution of gold nanoparticles d on three dimensional orientation mapping in the TEM” (Scripta Materialia Materialia 214 (2022) 114677, doi: 10.1016/j. amat.2022.114677). He is a doctoral student directly upgraded to Grade 2016 of School of Materials Science and Engineering from bachelor degree and then studies for the doctoral degree under the guidance of Prof. Huang Xiaoxu. This winning paper is a part of his research work in doctoral thesis, and all major experiments are completed in the Electron Microscope Center of Chongqing University. Zhu Wanquan is the first author of the paper; and Prof. Huang Xiaoxu and Prof. Andrew Godfrey from Tsinghua University are the corresponding authors. Moreover, other participants of this paper include Wu Guilin, He Qiongyao, Feng Zongqiang, Huang Tianlin, Zhang Ling and Søren Schmidt from European Spallation Source.

Three-dimensional morphology and related crystallographic i

nformation of gold nanoparticles characterized by 3D-OMiTEM technology

In this paper, more than 210,000 images of central dark field have been collected in a single experiment by the transmission electron microscope (3D-OMiTEM) independently developed by Chongqing University. Besides, the crystallographic orientations of more than 1,200 gold nanoparticles and about 7,500 grains contained in them have been successfully reconstructed in three dimensions. Then, the three-dimensional morphology of these nanoparticles and grains is analyzed at a spatial resolution of 1 nm, and the five-parameter characteristics of crystallography of thousands of grain boundaries are statistically analyzed. For the first time, this achievement presents the excellent function of three-dimensional orientation imaging technology of transmission electron microscope in characterizing the microstructure of nanocrystalline materials, and it is a unique tool for three-dimensional characterization of the morphology and crystallographic characteristics of nanocrystalline materials.

It is worth mentioning that all research work carried out to run for this award has been supported by the National Key Research and Development Program in the "14th Five-year Plan" (2021YFB3702101) and the National Natural Science Foundation Program of China (52071038).